Rev. Mark Meeks, Spiritual Leader                         303-816-1454

Rev. Larry Grimm, P A for Growth and Outreach     303-905-5713

Rev. Bill Calhoun, Moderator

Elders (Session):

Rev. Bill Calhoun, Moderator                                                720-941-1800

Rev. Mark Meeks    Spiritual Leader & Acting Moderator    303-816-1454

Bonnie Jensen                         Clerk of Session                      720-962-5645

Charlie Fiser                            Treasurer                                 303-770-6362

Jeanne Jeffas    Commissioner to Presbytery of Denver

Bonnie Jensen   Commissioner to Presbytery of Denver

Members of Session:

Bibiana Hager                                        (Class of 2018)

Jeanne Jeffas                                          (Class of 2019)

Nicola Kearns-Beattie                           (Class of 2017)

Lara Newton                                          (Class of 2017)

Sonya Yeager-Meeks                             (Class of 2018)

Erik Sabina                                            (Class of 2019)  

Sonya Yeager Meeks             Co-Director of Music

Debra Yeager                         Co-Director of Music

Debra Yeager                         Children’s Ministry

Service Times

    • Sunday Service @ 9:30am      (Communion 1st and 3rd)
    • Fellowship @ 10:30am
    • Adult Education @ 11am
    • Children/Youth Ministry @ 11am
    • Ecumenical Worship the first Sunday's in March, June, October, and December @ 11am (The next Ecumenical worship will take place on 10/5)

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