At the center of our humanity are multiple questions about how we make meaning in life. Conversations at the Center provides not prescriptive answers to questions but opportunity to engage in dialogue that will give participants insights into their own spirituality.Conversations at the Center will be scheduled at various times and in various formats.  Our objective is for participants to be able to connect with programs as able and topics which will nurture faith.

Adult Dialogue, Sunday July 13, 2013

What Mindset we bring to Bible Study? Mark Meeks

Adult Dialogue, Sunday July 7, 2013

Food Supply and Gardening

Reuben Gregory CHPC Adult Dialoge 7.7.13.mp4

Adult Dialogue, Sunday January 6, 2013

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    • Children/Youth Ministry at 11am
    • Ecumenical Worship the first Sundays in March, June, October, and December at 11am

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