Out of the depths we cry to You, O Lord;

Lord, hear our prayer:

we cry from the history of exploitation and abuse;

we cry with the tears of those whose lives have left them little room to be;

we cry with the lament of lands lost and species wasted away;

we cry amid violent conflict in a world that has not learned the beauty of peace;

we cry with our own inner lives provoked and reacting in contempt

for all that is so very disturbing and worrisome to us;

we cry in recognition of our own coming up short, turning away from those

who could be blessed by our generosity, our patience, our concern;

we cry out in a world beyond our capacities to understand let alone aid;

we cry to You as the God of grace and goodness Whose mercy does not fail,

Whose love is greater than all the travail of history,

in Whom we hope for a blessed and redeemed future;

God of us all, be with us in healing, in enablement, in forgiveness,

and in the Spirit that will not abandon any of Your own creative enterprise.

God of great grace, be with us, so that we might be ourselves fully present to You,

to Your world, and to all the possibilities of blessing alive within and about us.

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    • Sunday Service at 9:30am 
    • Fellowship at 10:30am
    • Adult Education at 11am
    • Children/Youth Ministry at 11am
    • Ecumenical Worship the first Sundays in March, June, October, and December at 11am

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