May 24th, 2010 by larry

This is our new blog page.  Anyone can reply to what you read here.  Instructions will be forthcoming.  It can become a place for thoughtful responses to services of worship, caring contributions to the program life of CHPC, or information about others in our congregational life.  Please, no gossip, just information.  No medical specifics either, to respect privacy.  Blessed Blogging!

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  1. Larry writes:

    I will be leading worship and adult dialogues throughout the month of July. What interests you? What themes of life and spirituality and faith appeal to your desire? What would you like to address together that month? Click on “no comment” and leave your response. I will receive it automatically and it will be posted here for others to see as well.

  2. Larry writes:

    I propose for the five Sundays in July to study family systems thinking with you. I will center worship on five families from the biblical stories, Jesus’ family, Jacob’s family, the prodigal story, Mary-Martha-Lazarus, and the family that never formed Samaritan Woman. We will look at some of the best families in the bible from a family system’s perspective. You think your family was dysfunctional??? Whew, wait till you read about these….

  3. Larry writes:

    We have begun fairly committed dialogue about beginning a community garden on our property. Taking the lead are Bob Cowan and Reuben Gregory. Many of our congregation have seen Bob’s work in his very own backyard, and beautiful assortment of plants that feed and beautify his yard. Reuben works to create urban gardens on Denver Public School properties. He has been in gardening for many years.

    These two have lead our discussion about community gardening in the Adult dialogue. Bob has designed a plan and Reuben has been investigating resources. On Sat. the 9th of November we are invited along with other congregations in our faith community to gather to trim and prepare the 11th ave side of the building for a proper place to engage in gardening. You will also have opportunity to fill out a survey to identify your level and areas of interest for the next year. Mark has noted that the Bible is an agricultural book. Not only was it born in an agricultural society it reflects human relationship with creation and God’s provisions through creation for human life. The community garden will give a context in which to reflect upon our faith and our faithfulness to a covenant relationship with God and each other.

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